frayednots mission is to create custom, sophisticated, seamless yet simple to use integrated home systems. The founder, Constantinos, has been in the industry over 20 years. With a networking background & love for quality of sound, his leadership and direction gravitated toward a much more intimate and custom field to where frayednot was born. His focus and drive to continually provide custom, clean, simplified and reliable integrated home systems is where his passion lies.


Swift customer response is one of the ingredients behind the success of frayednot. Our customers are loyal and continue to refer us because of our attention to the smallest details. frayednot will never bite off more than it can chew, which is what keeps us close to the customer. All of our projects are well planned and scheduled to meet client expectations. We will never abandon the customer just as our slogan reads. "never left stranded!"


frayednot has an extensive background in the networking field and that is what separates frayednot from the average AV company. Our wireless systems are bulletproof which results in a fluid experience for the homeowner at their fingertips. We've been in the industry for 2 decades. There is the right way to have things done, and then there is every other way. We aim to do things correctly every time - clean and well thought out. No loose ends ever left to tie up. Never frayed, never left stranded!

Feel the Experience

Projects that inspire.



This 12,500 sq. ft. home features over 16 audio zones, Outdoor Pool zone, Outdoor Patio zone, full property wifi coverage and full lighting control



Put together with an eye for design! This beach house was renovated completely. Besides the main house there is a carriage house that was also fully renovated. All tech is centralized in the main home. Full property wifi from the main house, through the outdoors and into the carriage house. Engineered for simplified control with a multitude of independent audio zones.



Award winning & featured in CEPro Magazine, this home which features invisible Stealth Acoustic speakers creating a full, rich sound while still keeping the elegant design of the space aesthetically pleasing. With over 18 audio zones professionally engineered for full control of music, lighting and shades for every room from any room. The home is fully covered in wifi allowing the homeowner to float about in the space with fluid control at their fingertips.

Unseen Experience.

Tech Design & Products

Known as the nervous system of the home, our tech rooms are planned out from the beginning stages of the project. frayednot works hand in hand with designers, architects and contractors in carving out this space so the unseen experience can be built upon.

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