This 12,500 sq. ft. home features over 16 audio zones, Outdoor Pool zone, Outdoor Patio zone, full property wifi coverage and full lighting control



The home was designed by one of the most recognized architectural designers when it was built in 2005. The Pool currently features 16 landscape speakers as well as 4 in-ground subwoofers engineered for control from your fingertips! This space sounds phenomenal. The Patio (not fully visible on the right), features an outdoor TV and another dedicated audio zone.



In Beach Haven on the beach! This home is an award winner and featured in CEPro Magazine! Fully renovated, sound everywhere! Outfitted with frame TVs throughout including an outdoor TV for those evenings beachside!


Art Deco

Located on Shelter Island, this estate is like a sanctuary. This theater was designed by one of the most regarded in the industry at the time. Sound was implemented throughout the property for a truly one of a kind experience.



This chic home was engineered for full control of music, lighting and shades for every room from any room while maintaining the elegant aesthetic of the living space. The kitchen features a small frame TV for a touch of art that can be changed depending on the day. The lighting & shade control system allows the homeowner to create an ambiance right from their fingertips.



This is 7 acres of lush. Feels like a scene out of Game of Thrones! This award wining property is completely covered in wifi along with a distributed audio system controllable from any and everywhere (inside and out). The Pool has balanced sound utilizing a landscape speaker solution, the Tennis court behind the pergola in the photos has full wifi coverage as does the laid back pool hut visible in the photo.


Cape Cod

This getaway is located right behind a Yacht club on the Cape. The home was setup with full wifi coverage indoors and outdoors. This was also engineered for full control of music for every room, from any room, while maintaining its getaway vibe.



This has a massive 142” screen floor to ceiling! We had control of the design completely from start to end. We designed the room as well as the space leading into the room. frayednot provided drawings to the contracting firm to bring this space to life! No expense was spared for this theater which allowed us to bring a one of a kind experience to the client.



This award winning cozy beach home was outfitted with frame TVs everywhere. Artwork can be downloaded from the cloud & changed as frequently as the customer feels. Custom artwork can also be uploaded to the frame TVs as well. Additional features: Game connections on the side return wall of the fireplace was added for the kids to instantly connect & hot swap game consoles. All rooms were outfitted with Apple TVs & architectural speakers. There are over 18 audio zones purposefully built for full control of music and lighting for every room - from any room.



Put together with an eye for design! This beach house was renovated completely. Besides the main house there is a carriage house that was also fully renovated. All tech is centralized in the main home. Full property wifi from the main house, through the outdoors and into the carriage house. Engineered for simplified control with a multitude of independent audio zones.



This home was designed with shade & lighting control everywhere, engineered for full control of music featuring invisible Stealth Acoustics speakers in most of the home bringing the unseen experience to life!



This award winning backyard features an astounding 64 landscape satellite speakers and 14 outdoor subwoofers. Wifi blankets the entire property. We treated this space as if it were a resort keeping coverage smooth and balanced across the entire property. This is truly an amazing outdoor experience! Oh, and that NY skyline view is from the backyard! Breathtaking!



This is a beautiful, classic home and when it was renovated many of the architectural details were kept along with the untouched woodwork of the library. Invisible Stealth Acoustics speakers were installed throughout to keep the ceilings super clean without creating a cluttered space.



This beautiful home was purchased turn key! frayednot was brought in to upgrade and bring the home alive with tech! Engineered for full control of music indoors & out, full wifi coverage indoors & out & full lighting control for those mood lighting scenes.



This is a comfortable theater with a pop of color adding that design element to make it one of a kind.



This Family Room space has a Samsung TV on a Mantle Mount wall mount solution. This allows the TV to be pulled down with the slightest touch, hydraulically controlled and balanced so it can be brought down below the mantle easily. This solution solves that "high TV neck pain syndrome". The home also features over 14 zones of audio, full wifi coverage with full control from anywhere. In addition there is game room on the lower level with dual 85" TVs for that maximum gaming experience!



Award winning & featured in CEPro Magazine, this home which features invisible Stealth Acoustic speakers creating a full, rich sound while still keeping the elegant design of the space aesthetically pleasing. With over 18 audio zones professionally engineered for full control of music, lighting and shades for every room from any room. The home is fully covered in wifi allowing the homeowner to float about in the space with fluid control at their fingertips.

Oak Ridge


The gathering location of every home! This is a historic location which features lots of technology without having it visible in much of the home. Full home wifi, lighting & distributed audio in the home.



This theater was upgraded 10 years after it was originally built. frayednot upgraded this theater bringing the world of streaming & 4k into the space.



Another historical location brought into the current century with a heartbeat for technology that is completely centralized and kept out of sight while information pumps through its wired backbone bringing the wireless unseen experience to life! Over 18 audio zones engineered for full control of music, lighting and shades for every room, from any room, while maintaining the homes historical construct.


Wine Tasting

Nothing better to compliment that great bottle of wine other than some relaxing music!

Distinguished Experience.

HTA Certified Luxury is the official standard for the luxury category. A very small percentage of companies in the custom AV integration industry are certified by the Home Technology Association. frayednot has been recognized & certified by the HTA at the Luxury Tier.